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Well over 1,000 peer-reviewed Amish-focused studies have been published since 1942. Such quantity presents problems for researchers trying to situate their own work, including risk of replicating existing work, neglecting research gaps, overlooking relevant studies, and uncritically framing Amish following a narrow set of studies. Addressing these challenges, Dr. Anderson has produced a series of topic-specific meta-analyses and theoretical debates about the Amish.

This work orients researchers and students to sub-topics—e.g., language, education, and popular representations. It also empirically interrogates
theories and scholarly patterns of knowledge production.

Project: Reviews by Topic

These topic-specific meta-analyses and theoretical discussions orient readers to topical sub-areas about the Amish. Not just for scholars, many of these summaries are excellent readings for university students and service providers.

The Cultural and Religious Complexities of Amish-Focused Mental Health Conditions Research: Insights from an Exhaustive Narrative Review and Case Study of Counseling Controversies.

Mental Health, Religion & Culture.
Anderson, Cory, and Lindsey Potts.

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The Work of Pioneering Amish Studies Scholar Walter Kollmorgen: Annotations of His 1940s Amish Publications

Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies
Anderson, Cory. 2023.

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Physical Health Conditions of the Amish and Intervening Social Mechanisms: An Exhaustive Narrative Review.

Ethnicity & Health
Anderson, Cory, and Lindsey Potts. 2022.

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The Amish Health Culture and Culturally Sensitive Health Services: An Exhaustive Narrative Review.

Social Science & Medicine
Anderson, Cory, and Lindsey Potts. 2020.

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Amish Language Research: A Review

Handbook of the Changing World Language Map, edited by Stanley D. Brunn and Roland Kehrein. Cham: Springer International Publishing.
Anderson, Cory. 2019. Pp. 939-61

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A Critical Appraisal of Amish Studies’ De Facto Paradigm, ‘Negotiating with Modernity’

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
Anderson, Cory, Joseph Donnermeyer, Jeffrey Longhofer, and Steven D. Reschly. 2019.

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Review Essay of Horse-and-Buggy Genius[Loewen], Pennsylvania Dutch [Louden], and The Amish [Nolt]

Rural Sociology
Anderson, Cory, and Joseph Donnermeyer. 2018.

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The Undistinguished Scholar of the Amish, Werner Enninger, -or- Has the Time Yet Come for Rigorous Theory in Amish Studies?

Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies
Anderson, Cory. 2017.

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Amish Education: A Synthesis

Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist
Anderson, Cory. 2015.

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Project: Patterns Of Knowledge Production

These studies employ quantitative bibliometric and qualitative narrative analyses to document and interrogate the topography of knowledge-production in Amish studies.

Encyclopedia / Handbook Profiles


The Sage Encyclopedia for the Sociology of Religion
Anderson, Cory. 2020.
Pp. 27-29

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Sociology of Religion
Anderson, Cory. 2020.
Pp. 25-27

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Entries at Global Anabaptist Mennonite
Encyclopedia Online.
Anderson, Cory. 2012.

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