Public Perceptions

The “otherness” of distinctive ethnic sectarian populations—such as Amish and Mennonites—prompts attitudinal responses ranging from attraction—even to the extent of seeking to convert—to social critiques—ranging from plain people’s abuses against disempowered members to their supposed lack of a true spiritual rebirth. This project explores the range of public perceptions of plain people. As such, it furthers our understanding of how the public frames plain people to advance agendas and what implications this holds for adherents. Project findings are particularly useful for understanding the nature of both conflicts and mobilized alliances emerging from cross-population interactions.

Evaluation and Revision of an Instrument Measuring Attitudes toward the Amish

Journal of Applied Social Science
Anderson, Cory, and Lee Decker. 2020.

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Religious Seekers’ Attraction to the Plain Mennonites and Amish

Review of Religious Research
Anderson, Cory. 2016.

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