Where Are the Plain Anabaptists?

Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies

Anderson, Cory, and Joseph Donnermeyer. 2013.


Research Points
  • Maps location of North American plain Anabaptists using new fine-resolution data; data sourced from plain people’s directories and periodicals, aerial photos and maps, and personal acquaintances.

  • Six socio-spatial units characterize plain Anabaptist dispersion: local church, local affiliation, settlement, region, broad affiliation, global region [see more]
  • Local church: A single congregation
  • Local affiliation: Cluster of churches with close religious association
  • Settlement: Overlapping local affiliations/churches, or a single local church oriented toward growth
  • Region: Cluster of proximate settlements that can be regularly traversed
  • Broad affiliation: All associated local churches across space
  • Global region: Transnational clusters demarcated by distance and linguistic/cultural differences
  • Population growth causes plain people to start churches in regions where previously none existed

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